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Analytics on Fire is your backstage pass inside the enteprise analytics and business intelligence world. Join your hosts, BI authors, speakers and founders, Mico Yuk (BI Brainz) and Ryan Goodman (Centigon Solutions) as they pull back the curtains on what’s actually working right now in the enterprise analytics/business intelligence space. You’ll hear the inside scoop from experienced business leaders on how to plan, implement and gain true business value from your analytics dollars. To help you gain more value from your analytics, take our BI Maturity Quiz at
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May 17, 2016

This week, we have a special treat for you! On this episode of Analytics on Fire, we’re featuring an exclusive interview the man who coined the term “Business Intelligence” in 1989 – Howard Dresner.

In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • Howard’s background in analytics.
  • What "Collective Insights" concept is all about and how it came to be.
  • The process behind Dresner Advisory’s Collective Insights report.
  • Some of the biggest issues with collaboration within organizations.
  • Why email is likely the worst method for sharing information and insights.
  • How BI tools are currently lacking in the area of collaboration.
  • The main criteria Dresner Advisory uses to rate BI tool vendors.
  • Howard’s rant on the topic of the “reply all” button.
  • The top five features that users want to see in BI tools.
  • Howard’s concept of “Content Governance” and how it differs from data governance.
  • His thoughts on best practices of content governance.
  • How getting this right within your organization may affect user adoption.
  • The specific job roles that can help implement this process.   
  • Why and how transparency gives purpose to technology.
  • A potential pitfall companies might make while implementing this new approach.

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