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Analytics on Fire is your backstage pass inside the enteprise analytics and business intelligence world. Join your hosts, BI authors, speakers and founders, Mico Yuk (BI Brainz) and Ryan Goodman (Centigon Solutions) as they pull back the curtains on what’s actually working right now in the enterprise analytics/business intelligence space. You’ll hear the inside scoop from experienced business leaders on how to plan, implement and gain true business value from your analytics dollars. To help you gain more value from your analytics, take our BI Maturity Quiz at
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May 10, 2016

This week on the Analytics on Fire, we’re featuring an exciting interview with Andrew Brust (my personal Big Data go-to mentor), a 15 year Big Data veteran who not only is the Senior Director, at Datameer, but also is a highly sought-after influencer on the topic of Big Data and talks about the industry in his ZDNet column Big On Data.

I was luckily able to arrange an interview with Andrew and it couldn't have turned out better.

Andrew Brust Big Data Evangelist

In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • Why there’s a certain “fetish” around the size of Big Data projects (and the false bragging rights that go with 'data size').
  • Andrew’s rule of thumb on what big data really is... "If it’s too big, only then is it Big Data.”
  • The three V's of Big Data (and the recent fourth V) and how they pertain to you as a data-driven organization.
  • Andrew's distinction between BI and Big Data, and why they may become less useful in the future.
  • The ultimate soft skill that every ‘data-interested’ person should brush up on to get the most out of data.
  • What business intelligence professionals need to know before deciding to become a "data scientist".
  • What’s happening that makes basic data analysis more accessible to companies and people interested in harnessing the power of big data.
  • The five Big Data Myths and Andrew’s insights to where they are true (AND where they’re false).
  • How to get real ROI from big data.
  • Andrew's answer to the question: "Is the Internet Of Things a high-value opportunity or is it just a buzz word?"

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